Thursday, July 12, 2012

We create worlds from words

Last week I was lucky enough (thanks Jess!) to catch Roland Schimmelpfennig's deconstructed play The Golden Dragon at the MTC Lawler Studio theatre (as translated by David Tushingham).  Reading every word of the play – short pause – numerous plot lines were developed in a series of vignettes as actors jumped frantically from scene to scene in Andrew Bailey's brilliant abstract set.


It must be said that this set truly enhanced the production - a closed shipping container that is unpacked in the opening scene, the stage shifts from apartment, to restaurant, to kitchen and back.  Through deft lighting cues and clever design, this singular structure adapted as the actors brought each character and thus story to life in the space

The only disappointment was having to watch the actors pack it all up at the end...

Alison Croggon’s review.
An interview with Andrew Bailey.

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