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My First Dictionary

My First Dictionary
- perfect for a side splitting diet of lexicographical jollity.

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Baroque Worlds and White Cubes

The Baroque [...] curves the folds round and round. Drives them to infinity, fold on fold, fold after fold. The endlessly ongoing fold is a characteristic feature of the Baroque.
- Gilles Deleuze: Le pli. Leibniz et le baroque

Heike Weber is a German artist creating some pretty spectacular installations. They begin in pristine spaces, however as Martin Engler translates "A white cube that only exists as a statement, as an aesthetic backdrop that inevitably vanishes, effaced by the drawing that appears in situ". He explains how in this context, the gesture gains serial dynamism, the momentum encompassing Minimal Art's roots with the physical act of perception, oscillating lines blurring the physical delineation of the architecture.

Dorotheum 300
2007, permanent marker on vinyl floor, 210m sq. 300 years Dorotheum Vienna
photo:Raimo Rudi Rumpler

"With her unerringly orchestrated spatial creations between Minimal Art and the Baroque, between all-over and white cube , Heike Weber establishes a moment of performative dynamization: she circles around her picture plane – half minimalist hallucination, half a slow-motion Pollock – and simultaneously incites the picture plane to circle around the viewer."
- Martin Engler, Freiburg, August 2004 (from the German by Jeanne Haunschild)

Utopia, 2008,
permanent marker on wall, bungle rug,
Rasche Ripken Berlin,
photo:Heike Weber

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Why is your bedroom so cold?

Milos has created a 3d image of Joy Division's legendary 1979 Unknown Pleasure LP Artwork.
The original cover in 2d

3D cover by Milos
from his Flickr

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Doomsday Vanitas

Let’s Get Metaphysical
Mixed Media
Dimensions variable

Next Wave is surging - and the promise of No Risk Too Great proves most tantalising. Melbourne's alleyways will, of course, play host to this risky art - one such work - Doomsday Vanitas, promised as "hologram-like projections" visible at night from Sutherland Street to new Utopian Slumps home Guildford Lane, Flanigan Lane and McLean Alley, created by recent VCA graduate artist Nicole Breedon will be spooking wayward nocturnal city folk from May 13 - May 30.
Chopping Block Paradox
Weeping Willow (one piece)
Approx. 100x100x40cm

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Image courtesy the Huffington Post
When an Icelandic Volcano erupts fresh torrents of molten rock through shattered ice sheets within a mountain crater, sometimes it's best to just travel in your head.
Or through pictures.
From Icelandic artists.

See more illustrated cities - Sade Çizgilerle Üç Şehir

Monday, April 19, 2010

National Fantastic

Stephanie Davidson is a senior studying Illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design. She is from Providence, Honolulu, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.


Winter 2009
Acrylic, Collage and 1" Plywood
5" x 5"


Fall 2008
Button, Paper, Color Pencil
1" x 1"

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Infinite Shape Of Rainbows

Beci Orpin is a Melbourne based designer-illustrator represented by the Jacky Winter Group who also runs children's clothing label Tiny Mammoth while raising two boys.

She uses cut-out colour with folksy fairytales and has a new exhibition for which Fitzroy's Lamington Drive's cardboard walls proffer the perfect backdrop.

Beci Orpin
's new exhibition 'The Infinite Shape Of Rainbows' at Lamington Drive, April 15

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


According to the NY Times the freshest movement sweeping the satiated nations are the tiny modern interiors known as Modern Miniatures. Lavishing their love for clean lines and sleek interiors into models, these mini-modernists dedicate themselves to these mini-masterpieces.
Left & Above courtesy Call Of The Small.
Annina Günther's blog features evocative photos of painstaking modernist recreations, Modern Miniatures with rain boots and rubbish left by the door, a lived-in quality of an urban melancholy reminiscent of Edward Hopper.

Annina Günther's Ikea designed bookcase & couch:

“I am not creating dream places,” she said.

“I want to show the reality, the grit and the mess of living in the city.”
Annina's Flickr

There's also the sweet Call Of The Small

Monday, April 12, 2010


Phenomenal works by Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita. Created with light and perfectly placed objects she conjures ethereal silhouettes at a human scale.

Light, Aluminum, Shadow
Permanent display at the 3rd floor of Stellar Place Sapporo JR Tower
Commissioned by Japan Railways Inc.
Description: The thin metal object on the wall, lit from above, casts the silhouette of a couple.

City View ,2003
Light, Aluminum, Shadow
Permanent display at the 2nd floor of Nanba Parks Tower, Osaka, Japan.
Commissioned by Nankai Railways Inc.
Description: The numbers scattered on the wall, lit from the right, cast a silhouette of a woman.

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Tight Typography

Queensland artist Erin Smith makes pretty pieces with typography -