Sunday, July 1, 2012

I want to be a Coppola too #3

Located in the tiny southern Italian town of Bernalda is Francis Ford Coppola's new boutique hotel (his fifth) the stunning Belle Époque styled Palazzo Margherita that also acts as family home when the notion strikes. 

Coppola's production designer Dean Tavoularis and daughter Sofia were the motivation behind the recruitment of Parisian Jacques Grange who designed the interiors, but Sofia and her brothers helped, each designing their own bedrooms.  Sofia's design below harks back to her glorious Marie Antoinette -

Working with beautiful bones, the original structure was built in 1870 so essentially a restoration project, it spanned five years in the making.

And the scent of all this gorgousness? Citrus fresh Acqua di Parma.

Take me there now please.
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