Monday, July 9, 2012

Just a kiss away

Mick's pick from The Mirror's archives.

The Rolling Stones "larking about" for the launch of Beggars Banquet.  "This was in a funny hotel in Kensington where they used to do medieval lunches for foreigners. Decca Records had been so horrible to us, so ghastly - not paying us, just awful. So we got them to pay for this promotional bash and intended to just do them over, basically. The idea was that we had these pies sent in at the end and we'd throw them at the record executives and the head of Decca, a ghastly fellow. My ally was Lord Harlech, who owned Harlech TV. He was a guest sitting with us. So we had this banquet - a Beggar's Banquet, get it? - and threw the pies at them and left. It made a great picture." Jagger.

Mick and Keith in the pub, toasting release from jail. 

On TV's Juke Box Jury.

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