Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sky Ferreira

I was first sold on the calibre of Sky Ferreira simply due to admirable people spruiking her in respected music media. But after a couple of quick listens to whatever topped youtube and spotify I thought it mostly sounded like redundant regurgitated heavily manufactured pop.
But I really liked the look....
Heavily influenced by... but doing a good job of it -  and who doesn't love the 90s, Mia Wallace, Lola Running and co?

So next time her name popped up I asked a close one what he thought. I learned she was first and foremost a model and he insinuated her and indie shoe gaze lead singer boyfriend were dirty junkies desperately wishing they were both Kurt Cobain. And I thought hmmm explains my love of her look and aesthetic - I should probably just stop the investigations now and move on while these kids self implode.

But then I somehow landed on this clip and listening to the song suddenly everything came clear. Catchy pop with a self destructive fuck it all mentality. Pop punk candy with a grunge aesthetic. I dunno, this song just slayed me today and now I have to rethink everything...

I've been hating everything, everything that could have been, could have been my anything, now...

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