Friday, January 3, 2014

message in a bottle

the world is a crazy place (my world especially so)
and whenever I think things are all too much
i think of those whose are crazier such
The PM meeting the queen for example
when after all he's just someone's uncle
he went to school and studied like us
his wife's a pain and his mum makes a fuss
his kids get in trouble, he learns over breakfast
some tea, an egg just like any of us
So if he can stroll in and meet the queen
and run a country, try not to be mean
Then so can we, cause we're all the same really
and ambition and strength and goodness, intently
diligently work at bettering ourselves
while caring for others, in fact everyone else
Then life is grand and we've all got it in us
but it just makes me so glad it's ridiculous.

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