Tuesday, April 13, 2010


According to the NY Times the freshest movement sweeping the satiated nations are the tiny modern interiors known as Modern Miniatures. Lavishing their love for clean lines and sleek interiors into models, these mini-modernists dedicate themselves to these mini-masterpieces.
Left & Above courtesy Call Of The Small.
Annina Günther's blog features evocative photos of painstaking modernist recreations, Modern Miniatures with rain boots and rubbish left by the door, a lived-in quality of an urban melancholy reminiscent of Edward Hopper.

Annina Günther's Ikea designed bookcase & couch:

“I am not creating dream places,” she said.

“I want to show the reality, the grit and the mess of living in the city.”
Annina's Flickr

There's also the sweet Call Of The Small

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